Peter Krauss Appointed COO of PLI

ASHEVILLE, N.C.--Asheville based Plasticard Locktech International, or PLI, announced last week that its Board of Directors unanimously appointed Peter Krauss as its Chief Operating Officer (COO). This title and responsibility are in addition to his current role as Chief Sales & Marketing Officer. As a result, Mr. Krauss is now directly responsible for: Sales, Marketing, Production, Logistics, Human Resources, Purchasing, Quality, Pre-Press and Pre-Production, Personalization/Fulfillment and Safety.

Additionally Mr. Krauss is now a full voting member of the Board of Directors. He has been an Executive Advisor on the Board for many years.

“Peter has brought a new spirit and new culture to the Sales Organization at PLI, and his efforts have driven unprecedented growth over the past five years,” said Mark Goldberg, President and CEO. “The appointment of Mr. Krauss to COO is a step towards bringing the same culture and enthusiasm to all areas of the business”, added Goldberg.

“Mr. Krauss has a knack for managing people and processes that will undoubtedly aid us in our continued growth”, said Ron Leventhal Founder and CFO. “I have no doubt Peter will drive efficiencies and help find new ways to improve all aspects of our operations”, added Leventhal.

“I am excited and humbled by the appointment, and I am prepared for the challenges ahead. As we are now an ESOP, my goal will be to enhance shareholder value through the most efficient and effective operations possible”, said Peter Krauss. “I have no doubt that the team I have at my disposal will achieve all goals, both short and long term.”

PLI is the largest hotel keycard manufacturer in the world and a leading specialty printer located in Asheville, NC. With more then 125,000 square feet of manufacturing space and more then 300 employees, PLI recently converted to an ESOP and is poised for continued and explosive growth over the coming years.

Please contact Amanda Cash for any additional questions or information. She can be reached at or by dialing 828-418-8299.