North Carolina-Based Entertainment Facility Solutions Provider Finishes Installation at Art Institute of Chicago

ROXBORO, N.C. -- Entertainment facility solutions provider CenterEdge Software ( recently completed installation of a ticketing and inventory control system for the renowned Gene Siskel Film Center of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. A team from the North Carolina-based company traveled to Chicago to provide customized on-site implementation and customer training throughout the three-day installation at the unique, sophisticated state-of-the-art facility. “The Gene Siskel Film Center has a world-class reputation of serving a lot of patrons each year, upwards of 70,000, which calls for detailed attention to making sure shows aren’t oversold and inventory isn’t lost,” CenterEdge Software Director of Operations Marcus Mayer said.

One of the largest and most comprehensive programs of its kind in the country, the Film Center presents premieres of new American and foreign films, revivals of classics, retrospectives, independent productions, and festivals of international scope. It also features personal appearances by prominent filmmakers, critics, actors, and historians, presenting approximately 1,500 screenings and 100 guest artist appearances per year at

In addition to more efficiently selling a great number of tickets online and on-site, the Center was very interested in better managing popcorn and candy at its concession area, Mayer explained, which, if done incorrectly or simply via monthly reviews, can be a significant drain on a theater’s expenses. CenterEdge Software installed its industry-leading point of sale (POS) system with an array of reports and inventory audit tools to provide comprehensive information about sales, employees, inventories, and cash along with simple tracking, ordering, and receiving for items, whether sold individually or in combos.

One important aspect of the installation was to ensure the ticketing and concession sales system maintained the Film Center’s PCI compliance (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) which is a set of requirements designed to ensure that the tens of thousands of credit card transactions the Film Center processes, stores, and transmits are done in a secure environment.

“It’s essential for our customers that what happened with Target doesn’t happen to them,” Mayer said.

A fairly large facility, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago – and its parent organization, The Art Institute of Chicago – are spread throughout several buildings with its own server three blocks away. By having a team on-site, CenterEdge was able to navigate any technical issues immediately to make the installation process as seamless and quick as possible for Gene Siskel Film Center staff.

CenterEdge Software provides on-site support for about nine out of every ten new installations, depending on individual customer needs. Recently, the company added additional manpower to keep up with growing demand for its innovative point of sale and reservation applications as well as reporting, cash and control, and time clock solutions for theaters, trampoline parks, skating facilities, water parks and general family entertainment centers featuring attractions such as bowling, laser tag and climbing walls.

Online indirect competition and labor costs as well as the need for waivers are some of the challenges facing the amusements industry which are driving increased demand.

CenterEdge Software’s full suite of technology solutions helps customers attract guests and their entertainment dollars, while reducing facility management expenses, managing labor and reducing employee theft through innovative point of sale and reservation applications as well as reporting, cash and control, and time clock solutions.

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