Happy Fix™ Announces “Share the Happy” Social Media Campaign

APEX, N.C. – North Carolina startup Happy Fix™ (www.happyfix.com) is launching a social media push to help people make a conscious decision to stop negative thinking and to populate their world with things that make them happy. The positive lifestyle company’s “Share the Happy” campaign encourages people to use Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and GetMyHappyFix.com to share stories and photos about people, places, and things that bring them a moment of joy. “With regular use, positive thinking becomes a habit that improves an individual’s life,” Stacy Menzies, Happy Fix™ founder and president, said. “It’s a proven fact that happy feels good; experts at the National Institutes of Health, Harvard University and the Mayo Clinic correlate happiness with better health, with data showing that positive mood and optimism are linked to better health and well-being,” she explained.

According to Menzies, Happy Fix™ is a reminder that when something goes wrong, it is within an individual’s power to greet negative situations with a positive reaction. At worst, they can neutralize it and in most cases change the course or his or her entire day, paving the way toward achieving personal and professional goals. It’s okay to be happy, even in challenging situations. 

Throughout the month of March, Happy Fix™ will be looking for willing ambassadors to “Share the Happy” throughout multiple online communities, while publishing submitted stories and photos on the company’s own social media platforms (@GetMyHappyFix, Facebook.com/ GetMyHappyFix, Pinterest.com/ GetMyHappyFix).

Weekly prizes for the most inspirational stories or photos will be awarded, including quality Happy Fix™ products and discounts for future purchases from the company’s ecommerce website HappyFix.com.

For more information, visit www.HappyFix.com/pages/sharethehappy.

About Happy Fix™
Happy Fix™ is a positive lifestyle brand shared via products and social media bringing people joy and confidence to achieve their goals. We seek to remind people that positive thinking can improve their lives and that happy feels good. Happy Fix™ is a woman-owned family business based in North Carolina dedicated to partnering with trustworthy artists, vendors, and manufacturers to produce quality, sought-after products people love. Get your Happy Fix™ today at www.happyfix.com and follow us online at Facebook.com/GetMyHappyFix, Pinterest.com/GetMyHappyFix, and on Twitter @GetMyHappyFix.