Dignify Therapeutics’ Clinical Scientific Advisory Board Welcomes Former Presidents of the American Spinal Injury Association

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C.--Dignify Therapeutics, LLC, announced that Michael Kennelly, MD, FACS, and Marcalee Alexander, MD, have joined Dignify’s scientific advisory board.  Dr. Kennelly is Director of Urology at Carolinas Rehabilitation, Charlotte, NC.  Dr. Alexander is Clinical Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Alabama School of Medicine, Birmingham, AL.  Dr. Kennelly and Dr. Alexander are internationally-recognized leaders in the treatment and rehabilitation of people with spinal cord injury.

“Dignify Therapeutics is extremely proud to have these 2 highly distinguished experts join our effort to restore voluntary control of bladder and bowel function for people who have had spinal injury,” said Dr. Eboo Versi, Chief Medical Officer, Dignify Therapeutics.  “Dr. Alexander and Dr. Kennelly’s advice provides us with the clinical perspective that is so important in producing a target product profile that guides our clinical development programs to produce a safe, effective, and convenient therapy.”

“Carolinas Rehabilitation is uniquely equipped with state-of-the-art clinical laboratory facilities to conduct fluoroscopic defecography and cystometry in spinal injury volunteers, as well as excellent critical care facilities to ensure their safety,” according to Dr. Karl Thor, President of Dignify Therapeutics.  “I couldn’t be more confident and excited than to initiate our trials at this outstanding center,” he said.

“I have been following the scientific research of Dignify Therapeutics’ scientists for a long while.  I am highly enthusiastic about joining the team and advancing their discoveries from the lab and into the clinic,” said Dr. Kennelly.  “Our clinical studies are being designed to expand fundamental understanding of bladder and bowel control after spinal injury, as well as to test the safety and efficacy pharmaceutical agents.  Thus, insight provided by these trial designs should serve as a foundation for future studies to address this severe, unmet medical need in people with spinal injury.”

“I am unaware of any other pharmaceutical company conducting research towards the goal of “drug-induced, on-demand” voiding therapy for people with spinal injury…” commented Dr. Alexander, “…despite it placing both a financial and time-consuming burden on them.  If Dignify is successful, it will substantially improve the quality of life for this group of people.”

About Dignify Therapeutics LLC

Founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs who are internationally-recognized scientists and clinicians, Dignify Therapeutics' mission is to provide safe and effective, practical and convenient, “on-demand” pharmaceutical agents to treat bladder and bowel voiding dysfunctions, using a “repositioning” strategy of drug discovery that the team has successfully implemented multiple times over the last 20 years in the fields of urology and gastroenterology.