Rheti "Ready" to Launch, Looking for Testers

DURHAM, N.C.--Durham-based startup Rheti is planning a public beta launch in February. Rheti is an app that lets users build their own apps directly on their Android devices wihout coding. Rheti envisions itself as the “WordPress for apps.” Rheti targets small business owners, organizations, as well as individuals who want to build apps for their own personal needs. Rheti CEO and cofounder Juan Porras is a Duke graduate. Juan notes that although there is currently a large demand for do-it-yourself app building services, in the past app builders have failed to gain significant traction. Juan believes this is because current app builders are poorly designed and operate with unsustainable business models.

Rheti is the first app builder to build actual native apps for Android, rather than HTML5 apps, which means it allows for a much greater degree of customization.  Rheti is also the first to host apps for free, relying instead on in-app purchasing for revenue. Rheti will allow third party developers to share or sell app components to users, similar to how WordPress allows plugin sharing.

Rheti is currently in private beta testing phase and is looking for testers. You can sign up for the beta, as well as find more information at http://rheti.com.  Contact ahomer@rheti.com to get in touch with the startup.