Revolutionary Concepts to Develop Ground Breaking Cloud-Based Mobile Alarm Security Services System

CHARLOTTE, N.C.--Revolutionary Concepts Inc., (OTCQB: REVO), a publicly traded company that designs and develops mobile video software and remote security communication systems, announced that it intends to develop and modify its "EyeTalk Communicator" system to deliver it on a cloud- based platform. The Company is planning to sell and/or license the "EyeTalk" System patents to enable potential users to manage, monitor and control their residential and commercial security system from anywhere in the world. The system would allow for real-time virtual two way audio and visual communications, in streaming video, which could make many existing alarm security monitoring services obsolete. The system could provide remote applications to monitor who's outside or inside your home or business, lock or unlock doors for visitors, photograph and track intruders and notify the police with the information, all in real time.

REVO's President, Ron Carter states, "We feel that if we are successful in developing a cloud-based system, it would be a monumental step in exploring the maximum potential of our patented 'Eye Talk Communicator' system. Imagine being across town, and if some in your family gets locked out of the home, you could visually identity them and remotely let them in safely from a wireless mobile device. You could even take a picture of an intruder and notify the police of their activity. Some have commented that the potential features of the system are similar to some of the technologies seem on feature films such as Star Trek, Total Recall and Minority Report. The EyeTalk system will also interface with smart devices such as iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android. We believe it could interface well with some of the mobile communications technologies being developed by firms such as Google, Amazon, Apple, AT&T, and others. We believe this could provide an unprecedented level of protection and public safety, and be of great benefit to our shareholders."

About Revolutionary Concepts Inc.
REVO is a development stage company that designed and developed the "EyeTalk" Communicator technology, a mobile video, remote smart camera security technology. The system is designed to provide nationwide protection and monitoring of homes and businesses against multiple threats including robbery, fire, theft, burglary and other intrusions through mobile phones, wireless video and remote smart camera security technology. REVO holds patented and patent pending applications that utilize the technology in medical/healthcare, sporting events, child monitoring and several other key areas. Mobile and wireless communications are the major forces driving the "EyeTalk" system technology and represents a new frontier of wireless smart devices for home and business protection. For more information visit