Montie Gear Expands Lineup of Heirloom-Quality Outdoor Products in 2013

TROUBLESOME GAP, N.C. -- Montie Gear, a North Carolina-based manufacturer of heirloom-quality shooting, hunting, and camping products, has seen rapid expansion of its lineup of popular items in 2013 as the company continues to connect with outdoor enthusiasts across the country. Montie Gear is currently developing new products for 2014 based on suggestions from customers interacting directly with company leadership to provide feedback and share excitement about sought-after slingshots, portable shooting rests, and other unique one-of-a-kind items.

“The fact that we are a small, focused company made up of hunters and shooting enthusiasts who love what we’re doing resonates with people,” Montie Roland, company president, said, adding, “They see that we’re making quality products that we’d like to use ourselves, equipment that’s tough and will last a long time, not cheap imported garbage. They get that.”

All Montie Gear products are manufactured in North Carolina; assembled; then hand-tested by company employees in a collaboration between the Montie Gear facility in the rugged Troublesome Gap region in the North Carolina mountains and another facility in Morrisville, N.C. Roland, himself a former competitive shooter, actively participates with the testing and provides test and evaluation product samples to independent third-party industry leaders for feedback.

“We’ve had some of our products go back into development to tweak certain things based on insight from evaluators like bloggers, magazine editors and other hunting and shooting professionals, and we rely  heavily on customer feedback as well. We’re not interested in shoving cheap things down people’s throats just to make a buck,” Roland explained.

Customers purchasing items from in 2013 ranged from avid, serious hunters and shooting enthusiasts to soccer moms, preppers, and even Hollywood actors.

“It was pretty funny to see the name of the actor purchasing one of our slingshots,” Roland said, adding, “You wouldn’t have thought he’d be into outdoor stuff. But we get that a lot; the different kinds of people and the sheer numbers interested in slingshots and portable shooting rests would surprise some folks.”

Montie Gear’s lineup isn’t limited to slingshots and shooting rests; other 2013 items available for purchase on the company’s website include the Hunter’s Friend Tree Stand Rest; Ultralight Towel Holder; Belt Clip Magnetic Ammo Holder; Arrow Rest with Whisker Biscuit; Tactical Slingshot Kit; Slingshot Adapter Plate for Custom Mods; Iron Sights for Slingshot; Multi-Sight for Slingshot; Holster for Breakdown Arrows; Slingshot Holster; Utensil and Knife / Fork Rack; and Y-Shot Wrist Brace.

Other 2013 outdoor products that have been developed but are not available for purchase online include a picatinny rail for slingshot; deluxe towel holders; utility shelf; extending bow sight; paintball stand; sand bag buddy; deluxe utensil holder; and deluxe fork and spook holder.   Those will be available in Q1 of 2014.

Montie Gear is currently developing several new products for manufacture in 2014 including an AK-47 bipod mount, revised wrist brace, and EMP-resistant equipment box/faraday cage.

All equipment in the Montie Gear line is heirloom quality, Troublesome Gap tough. Located near the peak of Hap Mountain overlooking Spring Creek, North Carolina, Troublesome Gap is a rugged mountain area where Montie Gear prototypes are tested and evaluated.

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About Montie Gear
Our philosophy for Montie Gear products is pretty straight forward.  We provide Heirloom Quality Products that are Troublesome Gap Tough. Many products in today’s world are meant to have a limited life time. A good example is that cell phone that you need to replace every two years. It works great, but over time technology changes and the fragile electronics have a limited lifetime. We want to design and sell products that have a very long lifetime and may actually get passed along to your kids or grandchildren. Many rifles get passed along from parent to children, sometimes marking a rite of passage. Granted a shooting rest isn’t as special as your Grandfather’s rifle; however, we work to design and sell products that are simple, elegant and high enough quality that you will want to pass them along to your kids or grandchildren. For more information, visit