Major Savings on Hunting, Camping Equipment During Montie Gear Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

TROUBLESOME GAP, N.C. -- Montie Gear, providing heirloom-quality products that are Troublesome Gap tough, is offering special pricing on some of its most popular hunting and camping items found online at Designed to kick-off the Christmas shopping season in style, Montie Gear’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale runs from November 29th through December 2nd.

“We want to say thank you to our valued customers who’ve helped make 2013 such a huge year for Montie Gear,” Montie Roland, company president said.

According to Roland, some of this year’s most popular items have been slingshots and accessories like holsters, iron and fiber-optic sites, and whisker biscuit arrow rest, as slingshot fans look to enhance their equipment.

“We’ve done something unique in that we have a slingshot for sale that you can accessorize,” Roland explained, adding, “People have gotten used to the thought of a modular hunting or shooting equipment platforms like the AR-15, and now they look at our slingshot and think okay, I can accessorize that too.”

Black Friday discounted items include several items under $50 like the Montie Gear Towel Holder, Utensil Holder, or AR Shooting Rest, as well as other popular equipment like a locking rifle rack, breakdown arrow set with whisker biscuit, and the Montie Gear Slingshot.

Discounts are up to 40% on some items; specific pricing and coupon codes are available online at

Montie Gear recently  debuted the new Hunter’s Friend equipment stand and is gearing up for new products in the weeks and months ahead such as an extending bow site, utility shelf, slingshot ammo dispenser, and a handy ammo bag which doubles as a way to carry up to four rifle magazines.

All equipment in the Montie Gear line is heirloom quality, Troublesome Gap tough. Located near the peak of Hap Mountain overlooking Spring Creek, North Carolina, Troublesome Gap is a rugged mountain area where Montie Gear prototypes are tested and evaluated.

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About Montie Gear
Our philosophy for Montie Gear products is pretty straight forward.  We provide Heirloom Quality Products that are Troublesome Gap Tough. Many products in today’s world are meant to have a limited life time. A good example is that cell phone that you need to replace every two years. It works great, but over time technology changes and the fragile electronics have a limited lifetime. We want to design and sell products that have a very long lifetime and may actually get passed along to your kids or grandchildren. Many rifles get passed along from parent to children, sometimes marking a rite of passage. Granted a shooting rest isn’t as special as your Grandfather’s rifle; however, we work to design and sell products that are simple, elegant and high enough quality that you will want to pass them along to your kids or grandchildren. For more information, visit