Online Waiver Submissions, Kiosks, and Verification Changes Help FECs Better Serve Customers

ROXBORO, N.C. -- Entertainment facility solutions provider CenterEdge Software ( is finalizing major improvements to the next generation of its innovative liability waiver system to help family entertainment centers better serve customers. The improvements include an emailed waiver in PDF form, printable waiver barcodes to improve check-in speed, and a mobile-friendly online waiver product. "Even with family entertainment centers and other amusement venues being somewhat protected by the assumption of risk, liability waivers are still an essential part of pro-guest operations and sound business practices," Marcus Mayer, CenterEdge Software director of operations, said.

According to Mayer, CenterEdge Software has offered a waiver system to customers for several years that employs three major components: online waiver submissions, waiver kiosks and waiver verification. These components enable guests to complete their liability waivers before leaving home or complete them on-site via standalone kiosks. Further, facilities can require and verify liability waivers as part of the ticket purchase transaction.

"The entire system is much easier, faster, and more user-friendly than before, especially with drastic improvements to the process flow of both the online waiver submissions and waiver kiosk submissions," Mayer explained.

With the recent improvements, copies of waivers are stored in PDF format for retrieval by owners and operators at any time, while copies are emailed directly to guests for their records. The emails contain a barcode which can be printed out and used onsite when purchasing tickets to improve transaction speed; similarly, the on-site kiosks can print receipts with these same barcodes.

Other changes include the ability for families to enter liability waiver information for adults and children together, new alternatives for SPAM protection, a new mobile-friendly online waiver interface and supprt for larger screens on kiosks.

"Improvements to things like better mobile device support come directly from our dynamic and diverse customer base ranging from family entertainment centers to trampoline parks to roller skating rinks to large-scale amusement parks," Mayer said, adding, "We value our customers providing feedback to us about ways we can make our products better, and we don’t waste any time acting on these suggestions."

Since 2004 CenterEdge Software has been redefining the successful operation of family entertainment centers across the country with an integrated single-point solution addressing the major challenges of the amusements industry. CenterEdge Software’s full suite of technology solutions helps FECs attract guests and their entertainment dollars, while reducing facility management expenses, managing labor and reducing employee theft through innovative point of sale, reservation, and timecard applications as well as reporting, cash and control, and timeclock solutions.

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